Other projects

nerdtree-iterm is a collection of NERDTree plugins:

  • iterm_menu_item: Adds a menu item to open the selected folder in iTerm. (i.e. open a shell window and cd to that folder)
  • clip_path: Adds a menu item to copy the selected path to the clipboard.
  • ag_path: Adds a menu item to search for a keyword or regex under the selected path using ag.vim.
  • ags_path: Same as ag_path but uses vim-ags instead.

flickr-friend uses Selenium WebDriver, Nokogiri and Safari to scrape the Flickr friends and followers lists of the currently logged-in Flickr user. Then it groups the contacts into 3 sets: mutual friends, only followers, and only following. This project includes another script that does the same on Foodspotting.

gyp uses Nokogiri to parse a "Geocaching - Your Profile" page and generates a geocache list suitable for pasting into Livejournal.

costbas reads a Quicken QIF file and produces a cost basis report.

pool-rb has two scripts that:

  • moderate Flickr views groups, removing photos that are over or under a group's view count range
  • manages your photo views group membership, moving photos into and out of views groups, as necessary

Twitter Tools is a small collection of Python scripts to manage Twitter friends, followers, and lists.

mbnote is a simple notebook app for mobile web using PHP and SQLite. This project was for a college course in the early 1990s and will no longer be maintained.

I've shared many more scripts in the Random Fox Livejournal.