10 Million Photos Flickr group stats

This set of scripts scans the 10 Million Photos Flickr group and generates leaderboards showing the top posters within the last day, within the last week, and overall.

Note: The last run of these scripts was in July 2011. Once the Flickr group hit 10 million photos, which is the actual Flickr group size limit, posting activity had to stop and posting stats were no longer meaningful.

These scripts are written in Perl. The overall stats script keeps track of when it was last run and only needs to scan the Flickr group from that point onwards. User stats will be accurate even if the script misses any photo additions or deletions because it calls flickr.groups.pools.getPhotos to adjust photo counts for each user.

The trailing week stats script uses a binary search to find out where to start scanning the group photostream. The same script also generates trailing day stats.

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